RND4Recipe App

RND4Recipe App

It is a simple recipe app that comes with data populated with firebase. It is a how-to cook app complete with recipes required to fully cook a specific dish. Its data migration is so simple that with just a few tweaks in its columns/fields you can import any recipe data available on the internet.

Another feature is its ability to list and save the key ingredients needed for a specific dish that you wish to cook in just a single click. This simple and yet handy app is a must-have for all food lovers out there who are in the process of learning how to cook any recipes found on the app.

Pods used:

  • pod 'Firebase/Database'
  • pod 'FirebaseUI/Storage'
  • pod 'NVActivityIndicatorView'
  • pod 'Kingfisher', '~> 5.0'
  • pod 'SQLite.swift', '~> 0.12.0'
  • pod 'Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK'
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IOS Chat App

It’s a simple and straightforward chat application and has the functionality of sending text messages that will be automatically deleted within 24 hours for the initial version.

  • The first screen will be a sign-up/sign-in page.
  • If it is a new user, Oauth options will be there along with the email of course

  • Once the user signs up, a notification will be sent to an admin, and the user will have to wait till the admin approve (the reason for that is to not allow strangers to sign up).
  • If the user already has an account, it will be a sign-in option
  • After sign-in, the user will be taken to a screen (second screen) where the user will see contacts and once the user taps on a profile, it will take it to a chat room (third screen) where the user can chat with his/her contact.
  • After 24 hours, the chats will be automatically deleted
IOS Chat App

For the first version app release, we are planning to provide the key features and the main infrastructure of the app. Functionality and Process flow will be its main priority.


For the API we are going to be using Codeigniter and MySQL for the database hosted by Namecheap servers. This will also be using HTTPS protocol for all connection requests and communication to the server

RND4IMPACT.com 4.0

RND4IMPACT.com 4.0

This is the new design for 2021, first prototyped in Figma and implemented by our volunteers